Benjamin månadens konstnär,Försäljning Capdesign, Kungsängsgatan 39, Uppsala eller STockholm

13. Aug, 2015


More ceramics and pictures with text.

Benjamin had a special teacher Barbro that teached him in ceramaics 2010-2012, before that in Lindeparken a pilot project that I initiated 200-2002 and art eshibitions at Gallery Inuti. Meanwhile he tried with an assistent to make ceramics now and then. I am happy that he suceeded even if it was hard  to get threw this in Uppsala daycare centre. a lof of promoting from me. Now after all this year's he is also making ceramics att uppsala daycarecenter since one and a half year back.See more about this process in Benjamins konst-såhär gick det ill att skapa. (Swedish version) Soon in English.

Djur med kungakrona från Gottsunda december 2013
animal with a crown.,His favorite motives in making ceramics right now on different animals.Maybe from a Purim masquerad where he was a king and I a queen ?Copyrighted by Pia Lebsund. No picture or text allowded to copy.